All you’ve got to do? Whip out your crystal ball and forecast the 2024 Cubs’ magic numbers: Total Home Runs, Total Wins, and Total Strikeouts. The precision of your prophecy could land you an epic celebration with your crew at The Rabbit Hole, where the spirit of Wrigleyville comes alive.

Step right up to the ultimate “Predict & Win” challenge for all you Cubs fans out there! Dive deep into your baseball wisdom and gear up for a chance to snag the grand prizeā€”a whopping $500 party at The Rabbit Hole Wrigley. Whether you bleed blue or just love the thrill of the game, here’s your shot to shine.

Remember, in this game of skill and a bit of luck, the closest guess takes it all. So, crunch those stats, trust your gut, and send in your predictions. It’s more than just a game; it’s a chance to make history with your name etched as the “Predict & Win” champion. Ready, set, predict!

Last Year’s Stats:
Home Runs: 196
Wins: 83
Strikeouts: 1377

(In the event of a tie, we will conduct a Cubs Trivia Face-off)

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